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“Star Wars” and the True Phantom Menace
“A Bedtime Story” appears in Pioneertown
“About the Time” in Manhattanville Review
“Alchemy” appears in Crack the Spine
“Alchemy” included in Crack the Spine’s newest anthology
“Animal Husbandry” republished in See the Elephant
“Attempted Murder” in Oscilloscope
“Bad Catholics”
“Biscuits” in the issue of Thema
“Blood ” in Ghost Parachute
“Boundless and Bare” in Hare’s Paw Journal
“Burdens” in Door is a Jar
“Care for an Appetizer?” in Zoetic Food Issue
“Cassandra” in District Lit
“Civil Disobedience” in Two Hawks Quarterly
“Clarksdale” appears in Deep South Magazine
“Dybbuks” in the new Door is a Jar
“Gnaw Bone” in Sliver of Stone
“Goody Good” appears in new issue of Shenandoah
“Granddad’s Ballgame” in the Saturday Evening Post
“Grandmama Sadie’s Power Play” in the new So It Goes Journal
“Guaranteed Age” in Typishly
“Haricots Noir” in Door is a Jar
“He Knocked” in the new issue of The Rush
“Helium” in the new Synchronous issue of PacificREVIEW
“In the Details” in Linden Avenue journal
“Ite in Pace” in The Write Launch
“Just One” in Foliate Oak
“Luck” appears in THAT Literary Review
“Missed Connection” microfiction in Ephimiliar Journal
“More Rebooted Shows” in Helix
“Murder Ballads” in Route 7 Review
“Nostalgia” in Tower Journal
“Paying the Piper” in Landlocked
“Redundancy” in the new issue of Glassworks
“Redundancy” named a semifinalist for 2019 Vonnegut Prize
“River Have Mercy” in The Broken Plate
“Rockin’ the Boat” makes holiday gift list
“Rockin’ the Boat” reviewed by Book Nerds Across America
“Seams” in Underwood Press
“She-Wolf” in Zoetic Press
“She-Wolf” republished in Carmina
“Signature” in Mojave River Review
“Silver and Gold” now a PenDust Radio podcast episode
“Sole Proprietor” in the new issue of The Sea Letter
“Split Peas” in Orange Blossom Review
“Step Right Up” in Panoply
“Sunshine” in O:JA&L
“Suspension” … and Disbelief
“The Blue Mist” marks fourth time in So It Goes
“The Buzzer” out today in Pioneertown
“The Cat” in East Bay Review’s holiday issue
“The Elephants” appears in Birch Gang Review
“The Invaders” in Chicago Literati
“The Invaders” reprinted in Stepping Stones Magazine
“The Machine” anthologized in Alcyone
“The Machine” appears in Chicago Literati
“The Midnight Tree” in Sandstorm
“The Oracle’s Curse” appears in Saturday Evening Post
“The Others” featured in Duende’s January spotlight
“The Paper Cut” appears in Jet Fuel Review
“The Paper Cut” reprinted in Zoetic Press
“The Politics of Bigotry and Hatred”
“The Querulous Nightingale” appears in The Saturday Evening Post
“The Tomb” in Hofstra’s Windmill
“The Tomb” in Windmill
“There’s the Rub” appears in Nonbinary Review
“There’s the Rub” republished in The Stray Branch
“Thinking About Dink” appears in Bookends Review
“Votes of Confidence among Storytel’s children’s books of the year
“Votes of Confidence” 2020 available for preorder
“Votes of Confidence” listed by Library of Congress for Hearing Impaired
“Votes of Confidence” preorders live
(A Democratic) Party Like It’s Not 1999
(Olympic) Games Without Frontiers
10 Massive Screw-Ups in Paleontology
10 Modern-Day Independence Movements
10 to Watch in 2008: Michael Bloomberg
13 Makes a Minyan
A Big Tent, Sure — But Not That Big
A few more midterm lists featuring Votes of Confidence
A few other book mentions worth noting
A Hard-Headed Jew
A Hot Mess featured in Publishers Weekly
A Hot Mess longlisted for 2022 Green Earth Book Award
A Hot Mess now available for preorder
A Hot Mess on NetGalley
A Not-So-Ticklish Measure of Man
A Satirist Gets Serious
A Soap Story
A St. Louis best-seller!
A Treaty Under-Mined?
Acknowledging the Truth About the Armenian Genocide
Adapting on the Atoll
Advice for the President-Elect
After the Quake
Against the Rising Tide
ALA Booklist names Hot Mess a top ten of the year
All the News That’s Fit to Merge
American Candidate
An Argument Full of Gas
Anatomy of a Letdown
And another new review
Anderson’s Bookstore Children’s Literature Breakfast #5
Anderson’s Bookstore Children’s Author Breakfast #4
Another Feingold Idea
Another list of civics resources highlights Votes of Confidence
Another spot on the Medill Alumni Bookshelf
Another story on PenDust Radio
Another thumbs-up review, from Publishers Weekly
As a library fan myself…
Assault on Weapons Ban
Audiobook out now
Audubon features the book
Avatar Review republishes an Alice in Wonderland story
Back at Anderson’s Children’s Literature Breakfast
Barack and Howard’s Excellent Adventures
Bay Area Book Festival moving online
Bay Area Book Festival Panel
Bay Area Book Festival reading list
Believe the Hype
Best-seller in category at Good e-Reader
Biblio File reviews “Rockin’ the Boat”
Biden – His Time
BIG NEWS: Three books coming in 2024
Birkett Announces Plan to Assist Victims
Blagojevich beats Ryan
Blagojevich Outlines Plans for State Parole System
Blagojevich Proposes Measures to Prevent Toll Hikes
Blagojevich Unveils Budget Advisory Board
Blog Tour Launches mid-February
Blue Gold
Book Loons with a short review
Book review in Books for Kids Blog
Book review in Dew on the Kudzu
Book signing in Ottawa, Illinois, this weekend
Book spotlighted at Actin’ Up With Books
Booklist releases full list of stars for 2020
Booklist review
Booksource Features A Hot Mess
Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”
Bush’s slipup on Auschwitz
Candidate Unveils Online “Game Show”
Changing the Rules of the Game
Children’s author breakfast
Citron Review publishes “Tamed”
Civics roundup from Lerner Books
Coalition of the Whaling
Cobalt reprints “Granddad’s Ballgame”
Congress Back in (In)action
Conservative Judaism at a Crossroads
Contrasting Views on the Whistle-Stop Tour
Controversial Cosmetic Surgery
Cool window display
Cover for Animal Husbandry is ready
Crime and a Lack of Punishment
Crimes Against Nature
Crisis in Darfur
Crow River Media gift guide suggests the book
Curating Alexandria’s Halloween edition now out
Daley, Blagojevich Press for Expanded Preschools
Daredevil Stunt Goes Awry
Debating Dubya
Democrat Quinn Courts Elderly Voters
Democrats on the Environment
Democrats Prepare to Confront Budget Shortfall
Dems Could Win Big in … Alaska!
Derailing Ralph
Designer Homes Go Kosher
Development on the Dunes
Did a couple more interviews for Foreword
Doing Good on Vacation
Down Under Suspicion
Drama at DePaul
Drawing a Crowd
Dump Bush?
Election 2009 — What Have We Learned?
Eli Squared reviews “Rockin’ the Boat”
Ernest Hemingway Birthplace and Museum names “Wheelbarrow” a finalist
Euthanasia’s moral stress: a high psychological price
Every (Offshore) Vote Counts
Every Second Home Should Have One: DVD Popular at Last
Excellent review of Votes of Confidence 2nd Edition in School Library Journal
Expensive Speech
Exporting America
Extra credit interview with LitPick
Extremism on Viagra!
Fiji: A Tale of Two Cities
First Aid Tips
First draft of the next book is done
First Hot Mess review, from Foreword
Foreword names “Rockin’ the Boat” a year-end favorite
Foreword Reviews gives Votes five stars
Foreword Reviews interviews of 2020
Foreword reviews the book
Fractured Factions
Funny, She Doesn’t Look Jewish
Getting Back to the Clucky Country
Gitmo Detainees Going Home
Glowing review of the new book
Gov. Ryan Pardons Ford Heights Four Witness
Governor Says Budget Shortfall Looming
Goya’s “The Third of May”
Great Expectations – Obama and the Middle East
Great Review by Publishers Weekly
Great review from Infodad
Growing Old Together
Guantanamo: What Kind of Justice?
Hail to the Victors?
Half-Baked Alaska
Hate Wave?
HCE Review publishes “Seaweed and Salt”
Hebrew Hoopsters
Heeere’s Johnny!
Hello, my name is …
Help get Rockin’ the Boat into libraries
Here Come the Dirty Tricks
High Tide
Holding Power Accountable
Holiday Gift Guide
Hot Mess a Foreword Reviews finalist
How to Run the Other Way
How to Use the Stars
How Voters Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Obama
Howard the (Lame) Duck
Howard’s End?
Illinois Group Aims to Trim Maternal Health Gaps
Illinois Open for Business?
Illinois Politics a Family Affair
Illinois Reading Council names Rockin’ the Boat a 2017 Illinois Reads book
Illinois Safety Campaign Dissolves Boundaries
Illinois Women Run High-Profile ’06 Campaigns
In a Strange Land
In the Shadow of No Towers
Indiana State Museum highlights A Hot Mess
Indie bookstores now have A Hot Mess
Inside Terry Jones’s War on the War on Terror
Inside the Axis of Deceit
Intelligence Matters
Interview on the Lerner Books blog
Interview with At One Sitting
Interview with B.J. Hollars for Foreword Reviews
Interview with In Bed With Books
Interview with John Connelly in Foreword Reviews
Interview with Joseph Rosenbloom for Foreword Reviews
Interview with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor in Foreword Reviews
Interview with Kenneth Womack for Foreword Reviews
Interview with PenDust Radio
Interview with YA Dude
Interview with Zoetic Press
Interview with Zoobean
Iowa Women Jostle Obama Ahead of Clinton in Poll
IU alumni bookshelf
Jews in the House
Kerry and the Environment
Kerry Guns For Bush On Crime
Key to the Castle
Kickoff and new poster for Illinois Reads
Kindle and Nook Editions Now Available
Kirkus gives “Votes of Confidence” a starred review
Kirkus reviews A Hot Mess
Kirkus reviews the book
Kirkus reviews up for both books
Kiwi role in race for US presidency
Korean-language edition of Rockin’ the Boat available online
Last Thoughts on Studs Terkel
Library of Congress makes A Hot Mess available to the visually impaired
Lieutenant Governors Must Design Own Paths
Life After Arafat
Listening to Dogs
Lit Pick highlights the book
Lots of reading lists recommending Votes of Confidence 2nd Edition
Madonna Eats it with “American Pie”
Mason County Clerk recommends Votes
Medicare Reform isn’t Flying
Medill Magazine includes the book on alumni bookshelf
Melanie Roy Recommends: A Hot Mess
Mikrokosmos Journal publishes “Crocotta”
Missouri’s McCaskill in Dead Heat for Senate
Missouri’s Mixed Messages
More Money, More Problems
More praise for A Hot Mess
Moseley Braun Losing Steam in Chicago Mayoral Bid
Nation of Islam Women Look Up and Out
Net Effects
New book is a go
New book review in Salinas Californian
New page for A Hot Mess
New Press 53 collection out soon
New publisher
New short story, “Encouragement”
New story in Steam Ticket
New Votes of Confidence study guide
New Zealand Campaigns Sidestep Abortion Scuffle
Newcity makes book signing a top-five lit event
Nice review of “Redundancy” in Oscilloscope
Nice review of Votes of Confidence 2nd Edition
Nice Votes review by The One and Only Marfalfa
No Escape For This Houdini
No More Debate On Debates
Nonfiction resource for teachers, libraries
Not Making the Grade
On the Beat in Sydney
Once Upon a Time in Alexandria out now
Operation Hollywood
Our Endangered Values
Paper Ballots
Pardon the Interruption
Parting Shots
Paul Simon The Rhythm of the Saints
PenDust Radio releases “Found Art, Lost Art”
Permanently Off Base
Persian Peril?
Pet-Friendly Holidays
Peter Gabriel Us
Podcast on the Lerner Books blog
Political Faith
Post Game Pub: Dark Days for the All Blacks
Powell’s Exit
Preorders available for Votes 2024
Primary Voters Aren’t Radical
Print issue of Chaffin Journal out, including “Focal Point”
Pro-Birkett Ad Angers African-American Officials
Proposal Would Alter Airport Parking Rates
Publisher Q&A for Votes of Confidence 2nd Edition
Publishers Weekly releases fall list
Puppy Mills
Pushcart nomination for “Grandmama Sadie’s Power Play”
Q&A about both fiction and nonfiction in Oscilloscope
Quinn Says Philip Looking Into Voting Records Illegally
Railroad Rescues
Reading at the Vonnegut Museum
Reading of (part of) “Redundancy”
Reading with Press 53 for the Everywhere Stories collection
Remember the War on Drugs?
Remembering the real Jesse Helms
Republican Candidate Proposes Budget Amendment
Review at Green Bean Teen Queen
Review by Words to Dream On
Review from Lit Pick
Robert Louis Stevenson’s Samoa
Rocking Gibraltar
Ryan Readopts Offensive Strategy Against Blagojevich
Ryan Says Blagojevich Can’t Keep Promises to Voters
Ryan Says Blagojevich Took Convicts’ Money
Ryan, Blagojevich Clash as Election Day Approaches
Salubrious Summer
San Francisco Book Review with a review
San Jose Library recommends “Rockin’ the Boat”
Scene & Heard publishes “A Day Off”
Scraping the Barrel
Second appearance in Crack the Spine
Second appearance in Zoetic Press Non-Binary Review
Second PenDust interview
Senate in the Balance
Several Votes of Confidence events to announce
Shake Hands With the Devil
Short Fiction in Panoply
Short interview on the Lerner Books blog
Short Story in Indiana Voice Journal
Shout out from the Secretary of State’s Office
Signing books at Printers Row
Single Women Flex Democratic Muscle
Sisters Sing the Healthy Sex Medley
Six Minutes with an Author
Socceroos! A Look Back at Australia’s Quest
Son of Star Wars?
Speaking at DePaul on 4 May
Stacked Books fall 2021 YA nonfiction preview
Starred review in ALA Booklist for the new Votes of Confidence
Still Counting
Successful visit to Illinois Reading Council annual convention
Sudan’s Shame
Sudan’s Suffering
Superman’s Other Secret Identity
Sydney Jewish Museum a ‘Must See’ For Any Visitor to Australia
Taking Back Democracy
The “Other” Genocide
The Cuban Calculus
The Debt Threat
The End of Violence?
The GOP Platform: Divider or Uniter?
The Heckler Interview: Carlos Bernard
The Heckler Interview: George Will
The Heckler Interview: Wayne Messmer
The Iditarod
The Jewish Vote
The Jewish Vote Hath Spoken
The Kids Aren’t Alright
The Kiwi Collector
The Next Florida Could Be … Florida
The Nobel Gesture
The Only Prescription is Change
The Price of Freedom
The Real Comeback Kid
The Revolution Starts Now
The Survivor
The Swan Song of Roland
The Vultures Circle McGreevey
They’ve Got Personality
Third appearance in Crack the Spine
Third appearance in Zoetic Press
Third year at Anderson’s Bookstore Children’s Author Breakfast
This Music Was Made for You and Me
This Won’t Hurt a Bit
Too Cruel For School
Top new release in category
Top YA reads for the summer
Tortured Parlance
Tough Cell
Two Sides of Sudan
U.S. Military: Help Wanted
Upcoming signing at The Book Cellar
Updates from AWP
Vet Project
Votes featured in Ronnie’s Awesome List
Votes featured on Sarah’s Book Reflections
Votes included on Kidizenship list
Votes of Confidence earns a spot on another Election 2020 list
Votes of Confidence featured by some cool bookstores
Votes of Confidence included in Arkansas PBS toolkit
Votes of Confidence launch at Left Bank Books in St. Louis
Votes of Confidence launch at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square
Votes of Confidence wins International Book Award
Votes on New York Public Library recommended list
Voting article in Signature Reads
Voting for Reform
Weapons of Mass Derision Used to Make a Serious Point
What’s on Show Tonight?
While the World Watches, Darfur Burns
Women’s Voting Patterns Key to Who Runs Congress
Woody Guthrie Hard Travelin’: Asch Recordings #3
Woody Guthrie Muleskinner Blues: Asch Recordings #2
Woody Guthrie This Land is Your Land: Asch Recordings #1
Working Around the Clock
World Oceans Day book recs
World Read Aloud Day 2022
Would-be Daredevil Speaks
Write All the Words interview
Yoo-hoo, Over Here!
Zest Books fall preview
Zest Books interview with Jeff
Zoetic Press places “Arabian Nights” issue online