Writing Services

In addition to my existing work, I offer a number of services for clients, including (but not limited to):

Writing freelance articles for print or online magazines and news organizations. I’m available to write features and department pieces, and will submit clips specific to your publication’s subject area. I write for both consumer and trade publications.

Fact checking and copy editing for publications or individuals. I will help publications with these tasks on a freelance or short-contract basis, and can help individuals with getting their materials ready for publication or distribution. I know the Associated Press, Fairfax Media and Chicago Manual style guides. I will fact check articles or video/audio pieces.

Writing promotional copy for products or services. This can take the form of web or print text, business and marketing materials, instructional materials or synopses of longer texts. I also edit cover letters and resumes to help people market themselves.

Writing press releases for non-profits, small businesses or individuals. For an additional fee, I can also send the release out to relevant organizations.

Proofreading books or screenplays, meaning a general copy edit including grammar, style, consistency and so forth. Includes a consultation.

Editing books or screenplays for individuals, which includes proofreading as well as consulting help with plotting, character development and story. This does not involve ghostwriting or rewriting, but I will help you make your existing work as strong as it can be.

Reviewing books for self-published authors who need reviews for promotional purposes.

Writing loglines and synopses for scripts, plays or books.

Converting files. Correctly formatting scripts to the standards of the film industry (including converting Word files into Final Draft) or getting self-published manuscripts formatted to publishers’ specifications.

Interview consulting to help writers get used to talking about their work or to help them better define an in-progress or pending project by discussing it aloud to a professional.

General consulting for authors, screenwriters or freelancers to help them brainstorm and define their projects. These can be done by phone, e-mail or (where possible) in person.

Transcribing of interviews or programs, either from audio tape or from digital files.

For rates and references, or to schedule an appointment, please use the “Contact” link on this site.