“The Blue Mist” marks fourth time in So It Goes

by Jeff Fleischer

For the fourth time, and for the third consecutive year, I have a story in the annual edition of So It Goes, the literary journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. The new issue will launch with a virtual reading on Saturday, October 2. Tickets are available online. For this year’s environmentally themed issue, my story is “The Blue Mist,” and I’ll read part of it at the event.

An excerpt:

In his boyhood, Joel looked forward to family weekends in the Blue Mountains. Two or three times each year during the long summer break from school, his parents would box up a picnic and take the boys out for a drive to the mountains. Sometimes they’d spend the night in Katoomba and take a morning hike to get a view of the Three Sisters at sunrise; he took dozens of Polaroids of the sandstone triad.

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