2024 Releases

All three of these new books are available for preorder. Preorders are a huge help, as bookstores take them into account when deciding what and how much to keep in stock.

Click on the names to learn more; reviews, articles, events, and places to buy will be updated throughout the year. Votes of Confidence is out March 5; Animal Husbandry September 10; and Civic Minded October 1.

Votes of Confidence 3rd Edition (2024)

From the Publisher: Every four years, coverage of the presidential election turns into a horse-race story about who’s leading the polls and who said what when. Social media and online news have made it easier to spread false information (even by accident) and harder to know what’s accurate. It can be difficult to get good information about how the election process actually works, why it matters, or how you can get involved. Civics education and information about how our government functions is necessary whether you’re a longtime voter or a soon-to-be voter. This newly revised edition includes statistics and anecdotes from recent elections alongside straightforward, nonpartisan analysis and explanation. Author Jeff Fleischer uses a fun, casual voice and real-world examples to provide an essential resource that will remain relevant long after the next president is elected. (Learn more)

Available at Bookshop.org, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and wherever you buy books. Hardcover, paperback, and ebook available.

Animal Husbandry and Other Fictions (2024)

From the Publisher: The stories in Animal Husbandry all deal in some way with mythology, from animal fables to imaginary friends to the myths people tell themselves. In some cases, the myths are fantastical: a farmer finds his cow has given birth to a surprising offspring; a guitarist tries to improve his skills with a visit to the crossroads; or a young girl meets with a visitor in the woods to plot against her neighbors. Others concern everyday mythology: a small-town ballplayer struggles to earn a nickname; a man’ s clean bill of health arrives at the worst possible time; or a long-retired screen actress receives a letter that makes her confront her past. (Learn more)

Available for preorder at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. More bookstores coming soon. Paperback and ebook available.

Civic Minded (2024)

From the Publisher: How do student loans work? What do sanctions do? Where does federal spending go, and who decides on the budget? Author and established journalist Jeff Fleischer digs into these and other relevant civics topics to explain the history behind different processes and programs, what they look like today, and why it’s important to understand them. Through engaging, well-researched text and related sidebars, this book will help readers understand and join many ongoing political conversations in the US, from spending to citizenship to international relations and more. (Learn more)

Available for preorder at Bookshop.org, Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and more bookstores on the way. Hardcover, paperback, and ebook available.