Interview with At One Sitting

by Jeff Fleischer

A couple weeks ago, CJ Arlotta (a contributor with Forbes and other solid publications) got in touch and asked to interview me for his blog, At One Sitting, where he interviews short-fiction authors. My interview ran August 27, and is free to read on the blog.

An excerpt:

Arlotta: You seem to enjoy adding a bit of mystery to your short stories (e.g., “Ite in Pace”; “Animal Husbandry”; and “Flip a Coin”). How do you go about adding unanswered questions to your stories?

Fleischer: I usually try to parse out that information only as the protagonist learns it. Sometimes, I already know where the story is heading; other times, I find out at the same time he or she does. Most of my stories involve a protagonist having things happen to them, so that their reactions rather than their intended choices drive the main action.

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