Reading at the Vonnegut Museum

by Jeff Fleischer

Mentioned this a while back, but tomorrow I get to give a reading at the grand opening of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. The new issue of the museum’s So It Goes literary journal launches during the event, and commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Slaughterhouse Five. I’ll be reading from my story “White Cliffs,” included in the journal.

An excerpt:

Even with his windows shut, Arthur could easily hear the rise and fall of the air-raid siren. Seconds later, his radio joined its chorus.

A couple of years ago, the dual tone was an almost constant presence, first alerting everyone to the German planes overhead and then providing the all-clear when London had held serve for another day. The looping sound always reminded Arthur of the stories he and his brother Davey used to tell while camping, when they would try to scare one another by moaning like ghosts or banshees on some far-off moor.

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