Starred review in ALA Booklist for the new Votes of Confidence

by Jeff Fleischer

With the new Votes of Confidence 2nd Edition out in a couple weeks, happy to share this starred review by Booklist, the magazine of the American Library Association.

An excerpt:

“Fleischer clearly and understandably explains how the American government came to be and how it’s supposed to work. He describes the three branches, how a bill becomes a law, reasons for and against the Electoral College, primaries, and national, state, and local general elections. Political parties, campaigns, debates, financing, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and ballot initiatives are covered. The text emphasizes what young people need to know to vote, where to get accurate political information, and how to become more involved in politics…Fleischer avoids making the topic dry or boring by using conversational language and includes surprising facts that make this a very readable, engaging, and entertaining history of American elections and politics for young people. Highly recommended.”

The Booklist Review – BAUERSbooks

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