Short interview on the Lerner Books blog

by Jeff Fleischer

My publisher, Lerner Books, is undertaking a nonfiction initiative for schools and libraries, called “5 Kinds of Nonfiction.” As part of the discussion on traditional nonfiction, the Lerner blog has a short interview with me about Votes of Confidence (and Rockin’ the Boat).

An excerpt:

I was a news reader at a young age. I followed election coverage long before I was eligible to vote, and was always as interested in policy as in politics (that is, how those elected actually govern, or fail to do so). In college I majored in both journalism and history. The latter major focused on US history (two of my favorite courses were History of the Democratic Party and History of the Republican Party, with the same excellent professor). And my professional journalism work often focused on current affairs, including writing about presidential and local elections.

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