Another story on PenDust Radio

by Jeff Fleischer

A few weeks after my story “Silver and Gold” was an episode of the PenDust Radio podcast from Rivercliff Books, I have a second story up. Originally published as “The Cat” in East Bay Review four years ago, it’s now an audio version renamed “Tell O’Toole O’Flaherty is Dead.” There’s a short Q&A with me on the site below the story, with a video Q&A coming soon. Or you can listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, the Apple Podcast app, etc.

An excerpt:

Sitting in a bar on Christmas Eve didn’t feel out of the ordinary for David Silver. He was still unmarried, and his last relationship had ended months earlier, before there was even an awkward discussion about whose parents they would visit and how much time he’d need to take off work and what was an appropriate amount to spend on gifts. He was an only child, and had come to an agreement with his parents to take a trip to Vegas together in the spring rather than have him spend an exorbitant amount and battle transit stress to fly to Minneapolis for a few days just because the calendar suggested it.

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