Glowing review of the new book

by Jeff Fleischer

The blog YA Dude Books just posted its review of “A Hot Mess,” and it might have the best opening line I’ve ever gotten for a review. The book is still available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. — and also now from your local bookstore via IndieBound. Full review at the link.

An excerpt:

If if I win the lottery, I’m going to use the money to ensure that every English-speaking young person in the world receives a copy of this nonfiction book.

Why? Because despite heaps of books on climate change out there, this is one of the best – and it just happens to be targeted to young adults. (That means many an adult will appreciate the simplicity and engagement, too – will finally “get it.”)

It’s Engaging with a capital E, Readable with a capital R.

What’s a perfect climate-change book? One that smoothly toes the line between dire and chirpy, alarmist and faux-reassuring. One that takes dry science and transforms it into fascinating, clarifying stories, sidebars, graphs and photos. One that is international in scope and – despite focusing on a disconcerting topic – outstandingly easy to understand.

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