Interview on the Lerner Books blog

by Jeff Fleischer

My publisher, Lerner Books/Zest Books, has a new interview with me about my new book A Hot Mess: How the Climate Crisis is Changing Our World.

An excerpt:

Describe the research did you do for this project and where you found your best resource. 

This book grew out of a project I began in 2008, when I received a journalism grant to work abroad for a year reporting on climate change and its impact on the island nation of Tuvalu. That research involved interviewing experts and people affected by the situation, as well as reading lots of books, scientific reports, news articles, and other sources. There was no one best resource, but a mix of them. That held true when I started working on “A Hot Mess” as well; I used hundreds of sources and kept adding to that number throughout the writing process.

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