Votes included on Kidizenship list

by Jeff Fleischer

While A Hot Mess is getting most of the attention lately, being the newer book, Votes of Confidence 2nd Edition continues to pop up in more libraries and on more useful lists, including this cool new one from Kidizenship of ten things to read, watch, or listen to for those interested in civics. Always nice to be first on a list, and chuffed to be on a list with Parks and Recreation (one of my all-time favorite sitcoms), The West Wing (another show I love), and Schoolhouse Rock (I grew up with it; my default shirt for Votes book events features Bill from Capitol Hill).

An excerpt:

For the majority of Americans, navigating the twists and turns of the 2020 elections was like navigating a maze. While blindfolded. In the rain.  Were you also confused about the rush of terms and processes that were all new to you, but no one seemed to be explaining? Well this is the book for you! Jeff Fleischer breaks down how our elections work in easy terms, from voting districts to primaries and caucuses. This is a fantastic first step to learning more about how our democracy works!

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