Editing Services

PLEASE NOTE: Because of multiple book deadlines and a pile of backlogged editing work in 2020-2021, I have no availability for editing projects at the moment. With that said, happy to refer quality people from my network if you reach out or to consider long-deadline projects. Please do not send unsolicited materials; query first. Please wait six weeks before following up, as there is a large query backlog. Thank you very much.

In addition to my own writing work, I have worked as a book editor and screenplay editor for more than a decade, editing more than twenty novels, more than thirty screenplays, and numerous children’s picture books. I also help non-fiction authors with book proposals.

For books, I charge flat rates by the page – with a page counted as 250 words, per industry standard – rather than hourly. This way, you know the cost upfront with no hidden costs, I don’t have to track hours, and I don’t penalize myself for having a more thorough editing system than most people offer. For screenplays and children’s books, I charge a flat fee for the same reason.

Book Editing
For all projects I edit, I read the project three times. I read it first in hard-copy form, the way a reader would, making sure the content makes sense. I then go over any questions or suggestions with the writer, as well as checking the writer’s preferences on style. On second read, I mark up the hard copy as an editor, correcting grammar, style, consistency and other issues. I then make the changes on the electronic copy on a third read, giving me another chance to catch any issues. The standard book editing package includes the three reads, and consultations with the writer (by phone or e-mail) after the first two reads. In those conversations as book editor, I give you feedback on the story and any issues that I feel you might want to address. Whether you address them is your decision, but I make sure to bring all red flags to your attention. I don’t rewrite your book; I make sure what you have on the page is the clearest, most professional representation of your vision.

Proofreading Only
If cost is an issue and you’re completely confident in your story, I will do a proofread-only edit of a book or manuscript, in which I check only for issues like grammar/style/consistency but not plot or character issues. This process is much faster, but also a bit less thorough.

Screenplay Editing
Having edited more than three dozen screenplays, I can edit and format your screenplay (or teleplay) to industry standards. The same three-read service applies, and I will provide you with copies of your script in both Final Draft and Adobe Acrobat to send to agents or production companies. As with book authors, I use my experience as a screenplay editor and script doctor to consult with you about the story as well as style and format, and help you get your work ready to be seen by film professionals.

Children’s Book Editing (Picture Books)
For children’s picture books (up to 1500 words), I charge one flat rate. Otherwise, I treat them the same way I would any book, making sure everything is correct, everything makes sense, and your work is the best it can be before you take it to an agent or publisher.

Book Proposal Editing (for Non-Fiction Books)
Unlike fiction, which must be completed before an agent or publisher will read it, non-fiction books usually sell on the strength of a book proposal and sample chapter. In addition to editing the sample chapter (same per-page rate and process as a full book), I will serve as a book proposal editor, going through each section and helping you improve each to maximize your chances of an agent representing your work.

Query Letters
I can help craft a one-page query letter for you to send to agents or publishers/producers. For scripts, that includes creating three loglines you can use. For books, it includes concisely summarizing the projects.

Promotion for Independent Authors
If you’re publishing your book yourself (or through an independent press), I can create a social media marketing package, craft a press release and send it to relevant organizations, submit the book to pertinent reviewers, and/or create a blog and website for you. I also help some writers with search engine optimization for their books. Promotional packages involve creating a menu of what you want and need, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach other sites offer.

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