Review by Words to Dream On

by Jeff Fleischer

Today, Rockin’ the Boat was reviewed at Words to Dream On.

An excerpt:

You may wonder just how much info you can get in a book about 50 different icons in history and I’m here to tell you it’s a lot more than you would think. The author expertly touches on various aspects of each person, including trivia bits that can be used in conversation with others who have the same interests.

This is a book that can be shared throughout a family or a group of friends. A helpful reference when either researching one of those listed in the book or to use as a starting point in finding someone to do further research on. For any history teachers out there, this would be a great supplement to your classroom library. For students, nothing like being able to add something interesting facts during class discussions.

Any person who has an interest in iconic figures in history would find this book right up their alley.

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