SEO Services

PLEASE NOTE: Because of multiple book deadlines and a pile of backlogged editing work in 2020-2021, I have very limited availability for SEO projects at the moment. Please do not send unsolicited materials; query first. Please wait six weeks before following up, as there is a large query backlog. Thank you very much.

If you’re looking to improve your website’s rank, I offer clients SEO in Chicago and nationwide. I have worked as a trained search engine optimization expert for dozens of clients, with a proven track record of selecting the best keywords, crafting search-engine-optimized copy, and getting clients’ sites to rank consistently higher. I use only ethical means to optimize your site ranking, so the ranking will improve steadily and maintain that improvement if the changes I recommend are implemented.

I prefer to work with local businesses or individuals for SEO in Chicago or any other targeted location, working to drive traffic for their local area. Any or all of the following options are available; you can pick and choose a package that works for you.

Site Optimization
I work with you to select the best keywords to optimize for your site, and craft backend recommendations for your site administrator to implement. This is a six-month process, to allow time for search engines to index and rank your site, during which we have monthly consultations to ensure the strategy is working effectively. I will send you monthly updates on how your site is performing for the selected keywords.

Backend Changes
For an additional cost, I can implement the SEO recommendations on your site (otherwise, you or an administrator would make them), which requires login permissions and access to the site templates. Some content management systems limit the ability to implement search engine optimization changes, so that is something we discuss upfront. *WordPress sites are ideal for optimization; this option might not be available depending on the service you use for hosting.

SEO Copy Writing
I will craft dynamic search engine optimized content for your pages, using different keywords throughout the site. As a veteran writer for a range of media, I’m able to ensure the copy reads well on its own, while also making sure that search engines will recognize the pages as significant for your keywords.

Social Media
I create customized social media for your business, with any or all among Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. In each case, I will create the pages themselves, link you to relevant groups, and create custom posts to get the social media site going. I can also coach you in a phone consultation on how best to update your social media going forward.

* Disclaimer. To avoid conflicts of interest with other clients, I do not offer SEO services to anyone in the medical field, any authors whose books I did not edit, or multiple direct competitors in the same market. (For example, two restaurants in the same town is fine; two pizzerias is not).