Q&A about both fiction and nonfiction in Oscilloscope

by Jeff Fleischer

Mentioned that “Attempted Murder” appears in the new issue of Oscilloscope, but also worth pointing out that the magazine included the publisher’s Q&A with me about both some recent fiction stories and recent and upcoming nonfiction books. It appears below the story if you scroll down on the page.

An excerpt:

1. There is a scene in “Attempted Murder” where the protagonist needs to choose between going to work or potentially being killed. Is that in any way meant to be a satire regarding our current situation where many workers need to choose between their jobs and the risks of COVID?

The idea for this particular story came along about a year ago, before COVID. I keep a running list of story ideas with notes to work on in the future, and the list had gotten pretty long this year because I was on a book deadline for about nine months that ate most of my writing time. Though I can definitely see where that interpretation would make sense.

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