“Grandmama Sadie’s Power Play” in the new So It Goes Journal

by Jeff Fleischer

For the third time in the last four years, one of my fiction stories is appearing in the annual literary journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. That included “Out Back” in the 6th edition, “White Cliffs” in the 8th, and now “Grandmama Sadie’s Power Play” in the 9th edition of So It Goes Journal, with the theme of civic engagement. I’ll be joining an online launch on October 3, and read a short excerpt as a preview (viewable through the link).

An excerpt:

Folks always said Grandmama Sadie lived to a ripe old age but, truth be told, she left that in the dust some twenty years before she rang old St. Peter’s doorbell. She liked to joke that her secret was a healthy mix of fried eggs, rye whiskey, and a lack of hard labor.

It wasn’t entirely true. She could still swing an axe like a logger right up till the end.

So It Goes Literary Journal Issue No. 9 - Civic Engagement

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